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An Uncle's Gift - Turian by Rostov-na-don An Uncle's Gift - Turian by Rostov-na-don
There was this one child, who had but one uncle. His mother and he went to visit said uncle who lived across the border and to stay for a few days. This time, the visit seemed to fly by, so the child asked his uncle to draw him an alien so he could stick the drawing on his wall. The uncle, touched by the child's request, immediately grabbed one of his notebooks and began drawing a monstrosity with several arms.
He stopped dead in his tracks when his sister, the child's mother, looked at him scoldingly. Immature as the uncle may be, he was not at all tactless - he thus scrapped the alien monster he had begun drawing and turned a new page.
This time, the uncle chose a more friendly sort of alien - a turian. He drew and his nephew looked at him in wonder. A few strokes here, a few strokes there, and a sharpie pen to top it all off.
When it was done, he gave the drawing to his nephew but not before snapping an image of it in case something happened. His sister looked at him approvingly for the first time in what seemed like years, his nephew was happy. He chuckled as he waved them off.

This time, a hand-drawn turian. Surprisingly, this is my first one drawn by hand. I didn't know what to make of him at first, but he seemed not half bad. He wasn't really skillfully done, sure, but I think he looks good enough considering how much time I spent on him.
I hope you enjoy the short story, make of it what you will ;)

Feel free to use him, but if you do, either credit or notify me.

Tools: Pencil (HB), Memoris-Precious CD-Marker (Office Series)
Time: 5 minutes
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February 16, 2013
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