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Thank You for 1k Pageviews!
Thank you all for 1000 pageviews! For that, I'm going to give you a piece of text because that is what I do :D
It's not very long, but it did take some time to make. It is analysed as: OriginalGlossNative SeperatedIPATranslation
The coded lists also took a while, too!
Note that this is the pinnacle of my conlang, and it's not quite good yet, too.
You will need Unicode for the IPA, and maybe some additions, too, since there are two abnormal diacritics there. Also note that I suck at XSampa and I can't provide it to you.
Zok, naunem sonakasem mohitakeha, ænē ordamai s'nosur' shumer. Zhotīrem nē okuanem oktarum; toh karem soreteuenam. K'nazhiton-mū'irem shusi, tī-mū'irem denkæse. Æsorēētrataiton, shōnem...
:iconrostov-na-don:Rostov-na-don 1 3
Declaration of Ktarh Rights
Original: All Ktarhs are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and are bound by blood and nationality and should act towards one another in the spirit of brotherhood and treat inferiors with the same disrespect.
Ktarh: Ktai nātareneserenushasen æd nātarehek'nansorædikedkoōser se'naktarhem. Hārutai rasēn'rim æd osananuri, ktai komātem, æt hasekrutai sār' komāt'na æd hadekarutai denesō'men e'barhumen.
Ktarh Gloss:
Ktai nātare-neserenusa-sen æd nātare-hek'-nan-sor-æd-ike-(æ)d-koōs-er se'na-ktarh-em. Hā-rutai rasēn-'rim æd osana-nuri, ktai komāt-em, æt ha-sek-rutai sā-r' komāt-'na æd ha-deka-ru-tai de-nesō-'men e'b-arh-umen.
Loose Translation:
All Ktarhs are by birth born free and pure and born equal in honour, righteousness and the governing rights. They have reason and a
:iconrostov-na-don:Rostov-na-don 2 18
May Conlang Challenge - Kti
Original, Ktarh Version
Ktai nās uenem, zadæntai, ashah koron sinahertai kahazæm, ose denraktai, æd kehæk kuhitei uekini ashah, æd sinahertai oseshi ;)
Literal-ish Translation
Is wet she, follows I expected to destroy problem, it no will be, and always love her I and destroy it.
Understandable Translation
When she's wet (watery?), I'm supposed to help her and kill the problem. I always love
:iconrostov-na-don:Rostov-na-don 1 4
Conlang Outline Info-Template2
Name: Name of the conlang
Native Name:
Native Short Name:
A Priori or Posteriori?:
Isolate or in a Family?:
Inherited Language Features:
How Many Numbers?: sing/pl=2, if you add more, the number increases. It's usually two or three, though I think it doesn't go above 5.
Which Numbers?:
Native Script:
Script "Depth":
Predominant Affix Type: prefix, circumfix, general affixiation?
Variable or Absolute Suffixes?: Huge changes in affix through sound changes or just minor?
Morphosyntactic Alignment: The Morphosyntactic Alignment
Primary Word Order: Default Word Order
Alternate Word Order: Alternate Order
Head Position: Head initial or final? "the grey suitcase" or "la valise griese" (the suitcase grey)?
Language Type: Synthetic, Agglutinating? Polysynthetic even?
Secondary Type: Secondary dominating type. English is Isolating, then Agglutinating
Different Registers?: yes/no
Amount of Registers:
Types of Registers:
How Are They Formed:
Declined?: Yes/no?
Conjugated? A simple yes/
:iconrostov-na-don:Rostov-na-don 8 54


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Favourite style of art: Hand-Drawn
Operating System: Win 7 with date set to 2006
Wallpaper of choice: "Are Your Neighbours Raptors?"



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